Committed to Sustainable Tourism

Posted by Ann Glamuzina on February 02, 2024

Beyond the Blue – Committed to Sustainable Tourism

Our business is all about providing high-quality experiences for our international clients who want an authentic experience. To make this happen, we only use accommodation suppliers, transport providers, guides and personnel who are not only the best in their field, but who are committed to greater sustainability.  We have also implemented several practical solutions in our office to minimise negative effects and maximise positive impacts on the natural and social environment. In doing so, we aim to foster sustainability practices among our international visitors.  


Beyond the Blue has a common-sense approach to sustainability that benefits everyone in the supply chain, including the traveller. We collaborate with suppliers, based on compliance with Australian and New Zealand employment, Workplace and Health and Safety law and the highest ethical standards.


·       Having common and unified positions, understandings, and commitments on supply chain sustainability towards suppliers, other partners and stakeholders.

·       Developing and implementing initiatives that can drive improvement.

·       Educating and enabling greater capacity for sustainability.

·       Co-operating and collaborating through our commitment to New Zealand Tourism’s sustainability initiative and the Tourism New  Zealand Tiaki Promise.

·       Encouraging, promoting and working together with our suppliers and clients to drive sustainability.

·       Showcasing sustainable and purpose driven tourism products, experiences, and examples of best practice.

·       Committing to reconciliation and supporting respectful and productive relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, to enable greater cultural awareness and preservation.