Terms & Conditions of Sale

Booking Conditions
These booking conditions will form part of your contract with Beyond the Blue Limited for all arrangements you book with us. In the following conditions the terms "we", "us" and "company" means Beyond the Blue Limited and the term "you" and "customer" means the person signing the booking form and all other persons he or she signs onbehalf.

1. How to make a booking?
A binding contract is only entered into when we issue a confirmation invoice. If you are dealing with a travel agent, and the travel agency is authorized to act as an agent and may issue a confirmation invoice. When you receive the confirmation invoice, please check the details carefully and inform us immediately if anything appears to be incorrect. You will note the date by which the final balance is due if you are not paying immediately in full. No further reminder will be sent.

2. Payments
An initial deposit of 25% of the total cost is required. Some components may be subject to a higher deposit and in this case you will be notified at the time of booking. The full amount is payable if booking less than 8 weeks prior to departure. Any balance is due 8 weeks prior to departure. If the balance is not paid on time, we reserve the right to cancel your holiday and apply the cancellation conditions as set out below.

3. Flights
As the majority of our holidays are individually tailored, information regarding airports, airline operators, aircraft types, will be included on the confirmation invoice for flights booked by us. Airlines themselves are subject to air traffic control, weather conditions, the need for constant maintenance and the ability of passengers to check in on time. We do not have any liability to you for any such delay, and arrangements for your comfort during any delay will be the responsibility of the airline concerned.

4. Cancellations by you
You may cancel your holiday any time, provided the cancellation is confirmed in writing by the person signing the booking form. As this incurs administrative costs and cancellation costs by us and our suppliers, we will apply cancellation charges as set out below:

Period before departure within which written cancellation is received, sum of cancellation charge shown as percentage of the overall price;
More than 60 days Deposit Forfeit
60-30 days 50%
Within 30 days 100%

Some components may be subject to variable cancellation charges and we will endeavour to advise you of these at the time of booking being subject to individual operator terms and conditions. However, we will try to recoup the expenses incurred from our suppliers, in which event we will return these to you after deducting a reasonable amount for our efforts. We strongly advise you to insure against the necessity to cancel your travel arrangements.

5. Alterations by you
We will do our best to make any alterations you may require after confirmation has been issued subject to the payment of any increase costs relevant to the change. If the alterations are made 8 weeks prior to departure, an administration charge will be levied together with any communication costs or cancellation charges incurred.

6. Cancellations by us
We reserve the right to cancel your travel arrangements. If this is necessary, we will endeavor to offer you an acceptable alternative. If the alternative is unacceptable to you, a full refund will be given.

7. Alterations by us
Occasionally we have to make alterations (to both itinerary and price) for reasons of flight cancellations, scheduled changes or force majeure. This legal term means unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which we neither, nor our suppliers can avoid. Examples are war or threat of war, riots, civilian strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions.
If the alteration is significant we will notify you as soon as possible and offer you the choice of:
(a) Accepting the modification;
(b) Booking alternative travel arrangements; or
(c) Canceling and receiving a full refund less any applicable cancellation charges.
If the alternative is cheaper we will refund the price; if it is more expensive, you will pay the difference to us.
Significant alterations are changes of flight times by more than 12 hours, changes in transportation costs, change of international airport (unless airports that serve the same city), change of destination or a change to a lower standard of accommodation.

Your booking is accepted on the understanding that you realise that the tourism infrastructure in relation to both travel and accommodation may be lower than you would expect in the UK/Europe and the USA/Canada. As a consequence we do our best to make sure connections and transfers go smoothly, but this must may not always be possible due to flight cancellation, local political situations, weather, mechanical breakdown or other unforeseen circumstances. No refunds will be guaranteed for services not utilised although we will do our best to obtain refunds from our suppliers and will refund these moneys to you.

We will try to notify you of a minor alteration although we are not obligated to do so or to pay compensation. As the travel arrangements that we arrange are for a small numbers of passengers, we can make no special arrangements if you are delayed at the outward or homeward points of departure though we will endeavor to help you whenever possible.

8. Exchange rate
Prices documented are quoted in local currency matching the currency of our suppliers. Due to Exchange Rate fluctuations it is likely that the price in Pounds Sterling / US Dollars or any other local currency will alter between the time of booking and the final balance payment.

9. Surcharges
No surcharges will apply if payment is made in full on booking. Otherwise, surcharges will be applied in the event of a variation of the exchange rate specified in paragraph 8, due to Governmental action, airport charges and aircraft fuel costs.

10. Liability
Should you or any of the persons included in the booking suffer death, personal injury or illness arising out of an activity forming part of your holiday arrangements which is not covered by New Zealand's Accident Compensation Scheme, we do not accept responsibility. Beyond The Blue acts as an agent for all accommodations, airlines, excursion and transport operators and is not liable in relation to these principals' services. All bookings are made subject to the terms and conditions and limitations imposed by service provider principals. Beyond The Blue excludes liability for the supply of all leisure and recreational services.

11. Insurance
It is an essential condition of your booking that you take out adequate holiday insurance to our reasonable satisfaction. We may ask you to let us have evidence of the insurance within two weeks of paying your final balance.

12. Complaints
You should make any complaint regarding service immediately to the organisation providing the service, who will do their best to rectify the situation. If you are unable to resolve the problem to your satisfaction, you should contact our office. If at the end of your trip you feel your complaint has not been properly dealt with, you must notify us in writing within 30 days of your scheduled date of return and we will do our best to resolve the problem as swiftly as possible.

13. Jurisdiction
All matters arising from your contract with us are governed by New Zealand law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.

14. Passport, Visas and Health Requirements
Information concerning the passport, visa and health requirements will be advised by your travel agent. It is your responsibility to ensure that you satisfy all applicable requirements and take with you all necessary documentation. We cannot be held liable if you fail to do this and, if we suffer any loss or expense because of a failure on your part, you will be obliged to reimburse us. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not behave in a way which causes offense or danger to other holiday makers or risks damaging property belonging to others. Hotel managers and airline pilots do have legal powers to remove unruly holiday makers from their hotel/aircraft. Should this happen to you, we cannot be held liable in any way and you will be obliged to meet the cost of purchasing replacement hotel accommodation and/or air tickets.