Tips for Using Your Mobile Phone Overseas

Posted by Kate on October 24, 2018

When travelling to Australia, New Zealand or the South Pacific from overseas, you have the option of bringing your current mobile phone with SIM card or purchasing a SIM card when arriving.

We would recommend Option 1 or Option 2 (depending on the deal your current mobile phone company can give you for roaming)


Option 1 - Bringing a phone from home and purchasing a local SIM card: 

  • - Before leaving home, please ensure your current mobile phone is UNLOCKED. You can do this by calling your mobile phone provider. 
  • - When you arrive, visit a local mobile phone provider (located in Airports and most city centres) and purchase a SIM card and pre-paid phone card. These can be very inexpensive and convenient when travelling.
  • - Insert the SIM card and begin to use your phone. (Remember to keep your SIM card from home in a safe place and switch back on your return home)


Option 2 - Bringing a phone from home and using your own SIM card:

  • - Before leaving home, please contact your current mobile phone provider.
  • - Tell them you are travelling overseas and would like a roaming package. Make sure the roaming package is activated and includes the entire time you are out of your home country.


Option 3 - Bringing a phone from home and just using it when WIFI is available:

  • - When arriving, ensure you switch your phone to AIRPLANE MODE. This will ensure data isn’t used. You can now turn your WIFI on and use available WIFI in hotels, airports and cafes.
  • - Please remember that you will not have the option of using it to make calls or go on the Internet when not on WIFI.