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Australia is comparable in size to Western Europe or the mainland of the USA, yet has a population of just over 23 million people. The harsh interior of this ancient land has meant that modern Australia has developed along the coast, however a great deal of this unique 'Outback' offers some of Australia's most fantastic scenery and striking geology. Combined with the vibrant and energetic coastal cities, an outdoor lifestyle and a sunny climate, Australia is a wonderful destination to explore.

The key to making the most of your trip to Australia is appreciating the distances involved and structuring your trip accordingly. At beyond the blue we will help you plan your holiday so that you return home with memories of Australia that are very special.
Popular images of Australia are as varied as they are strange: the shimmering sails of the Sydney Opera House; the brooding red hulk of Uluru; the paint-daubed Aboriginal; the cute koala and peculiar platypus; and the vast emptiness of the outback. They're all here, but the Australian experience is far more subtle and profound than that. The 'Great Southern Land' offers beauty and diversity in spades, the world's oldest living culture and the very last word in strange wildlife.

Australia isn't just about seeing, but doing. This is one of the world's great destinations where almost anything and everything is possible. Australia's cities offer a fantastic cultural smorgasbord of festivals, fine food & restaurants, entertainment and world class sporting events. And though the cities are fun, what really makes Australia unique is the landscapes, the outback and an endless coastline. The great outdoors offers a huge range of activities from wineries & soft adventure to exploring the most rugged mountains and gorges.
It may be that you want the peace of mind that your days are prearranged in advance. On the other hand you may want to leave your days uncluttered and create your own fun as you travel. The likelihood is that you will want a mix of both - beyond the blue will organize as much or as little as you need, in advance of your arrival. Of course, once you are here, we will still be on hand to offer any local assistance. You may have a particular interest or hobby and, if this is the case, we will incorporate these in your holiday.

Australia is vast and so is the variety and range of excellent accommodation. It may be an excellent boutique hotel in Melbourne or Sydney, a simple safari camp with the stunning Kimberley as a backdrop or a luxury tent on an island reached by boat or by air. Then again, it could be a cottage deep in one of Australia's many National Parks or an outback station. Wherever you choose to visit, your hosts will be happy to share their local knowledge.

With so many different destinations across this island continent, where you stay is important and at beyond the blue we strive to offer places to stay that offer exceptional experiences. With by far the world's longest and largest coral reefs and a seemingly never ending coastline, it goes without saying that there are a multitude of island escapes, all quite different in style reflecting their location and wonderful settings. In contrast, set amongst remote and amazing scenery, are permanent tented safari camps. Though they differ in facilities and standards, they do offer a fantastic experience in some of Australia's most remote areas.

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