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New Zealand


The physical geography of New Zealand looks simple on a map, yet in content it is incredibly diverse and complex. The three main islands - North Island, South Island and Stewart Island - all are very different in looks and personality. The North Island is home to over two-thirds of New Zealanders - or kiwis - who live life to the beat of a faster rhythm than their neighbours to the south.

The South Island, however, is said to provide the 'true essence' of New Zealand. Vast empty beaches where you feel almost guilty leaving footprints; endless mountain ranges and rainforests, lakes, waterfalls and fiords, glaciers, volcanoes and hot pools, vast limestone caves and arches, massive crystal clear springs, the list and variety is endless.


There are even parts that have not changed since Captain Cook first explored hundreds of years ago. Stewart Island, the smallest of the main islands, lies just off the coast of Southland and, having recently been designated the country's 14th National Park, offers peace, solitude and a wealth of unspoiled scenery.

New Zealand offers numerous possibilities, outdoor activities in particular are not so much a tourist attraction as a way of life. Besides the outdoors 'The land of the Long White Cloud', provides a fascinating mix of cultures and you can experience indigenous Maori culture by visiting a marae, a concert or enjoying a hangi.


It may be that you want the peace of mind that your days are prearranged in advance. On the other hand you may want to leave your days uncluttered and create your own fun as you travel. The likelihood is that you will want a mix of both - beyond the blue will organize as much or as little as you need, in advance of your arrival. Of course, once you are here, we will still be on hand to offer any local assistance.

You may have a particular interest or hobby and, if this is the case, we will incorporate these in your holiday. For example, you may want to experience one of the many ‘hikes’ that are possible. Many people are drawn to New Zealand's National Parks to experience some of the best walking and hiking on earth.



New Zealand has a wealth of unique places to stay. These range from bed and breakfast accommodations, self-contained cottages, hosted guest houses and character inns that are all about the warmth and hospitality of the wonderful hosts, in the regions they love; luxury lodge retreats that are luxurious, often boasting stunning natural settings and range from character properties, such as tree houses, to exclusive, finely decorated hideaways; boutique hotels - smaller intimate hotels often with an emphasis on contemporary design and architecture that stand out from the crowd and finally some excellent, more-established hotels. There is something for everyone!

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